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We are industry leaders in providing Forex cashback or Rebates to traders across the globe for their trading. Further we provide information regarding the latest Forex no deposit bonuses, deposit bonuses, demo contests, live contests and other genuine promotions in the Forex industry that can help traders to have a richer trading experience.  At Strategicinvestor.net our goal is to carve out a strong future by building up strong relationship with our site members, who will definitely find lot of helpful information on our website and there is lot to be explored here for everyone. 

Traders across the globe love our Forex cashback services

1. Get Forex cashback or rebates at industry leading rates on all your trades, even the losing ones.

2. Daily or weekly crediting of Forex rebates depending on the Forex broker.

3. Simple withdrawal process and fast execution.

4. Relevant instructions wherever necessary and a dedicated FAQ section makes our website most user friendly and convenient for our customers


5. Stay informed about the latest bonuses, contests and  promotions by trusted Forex brokers.


6. Knowledgeable customer support which is always eager to assist you at every step.

Getting cashback or rebates for your trades is simple with us

At Strategicinvestor.net you can receive Forex cashback or rebates at industry leading rates for each and every trade you execute, even the loosing ones.

Further we have made the entire process of receiving cashback very simple 


1. Visit our "Forex cashback" page  and chose any Forex broker. 


2. Open an account through our link and add the account in your personal area.


3. Trade and earn cashback on every trade.


You can also add your existing trading accounts with many Forex brokers to get cashback, more information on the "Forex Cashback" page

Making withdrawals is also very simple

At StrategicInvestor withdrawaing the Forex cashback that you receive from us is also very simple. You just need to submit the withdrawal request from your personal area and it will be processed within 24 Hrs.


Now you can also withdraw your rebates directly to your trading accounts that you have opened through us. 

Stay updated about the latest Forex bonus offers and promotions

We understand that as a Forex trader it is important for you to stay informed about the latest bonuses, contests and promotions in the Forex industry.


So we have included a separate section in our website "Broker promotions". In this section you will find information about genuine promotions by Forex brokers that are available to be grabbed by traders.  We regularly update this session with latest Forex no deposit bonuses, deposit bonuses, demo contests, live contests and other promotions by top Forex brokers.

User friendly website and friendly customer support

We have a dedicated FAQ section where we try to answer all the questions that usually comes to our customers mind. We also have relevant instructions all over our website to make the entire process of adding trading accounts, receiving Forex rebates and making withdrawals as simple as possible.

If you still have doubts or questions you can always feel free to contact us through live chat, phone or email.

Call : +917674810585

Mon-Fri: 11:00 to 15:00

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