$750 Giveaway

March 10, 2020 to May 29, 2020


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Having fulfilled the 3 requirements of the promotion, you can Claim your $15 in Your personal area

                   Duration    :  50 days from 12:01 Am March 10, 2020 to 11:59 Pm April 29, 2020

         Available to    :  New traders who join Strategicinvestor.net during the promotional period.

Giveaway amount    :  $750      

          Who can get    :  In brief, 50 new traders who join us, like-share and comment on our Facebook page and earn $30 or more in Forex Rebates from us during the promotion period, gets extra $15 as a reward.

About the Giveaway: This is a simple promotion to encourage traders across the world who are trading but receive no additional benefit for their trading, to join us and start receiving Forex Cashback Rebates for each and every trade they execute.  . 

Promotion period : The promotion starts at 12:01 AM on March 10, 2020 and ends on 11:59 Pm April 29, 2020 ( IST ) or when 50 new traders join us and complete the below mentioned three requirements of the promotion, whichever is earlier.

How to Participate and Get $15 : You just  need to fulfill the following three requirements and do it during the promotion period and before the target of 50 traders is met

  1st requirement : Signup at Strategicinvestor.net. Note only traders who have  opened their accounts at Strategicinvestor.net during the promotion period can participate in the promotion.

2nd requirement : Earn $30 or more in Forex rebates from us. To earn Forex rebates from us you need to open new trading accounts through us and add them in your personal area  (or add your existing trading accounts by following relevant instructions given), trade in those trading accounts.

3rd requirement :         Like, share and leave a comment expressing your opinion about our services or about any of our promotions. Please note that your Facebook account should at least be 3 months old.

On completing the above three conditions you need to submit a simple form to claim your $15, in your personal area . When you submit the form, our team will verify  and the $15 reward will be credited to your account within 24 hours.

Times running : As soon as 50 traders complete the 3 requirements and claim their $15, the promotion will be ended. So please hurry up and do not miss your share of $15.

Additional promotional terms : As always we have kept it short and to the point

1. Please note that this promotion is only for new traders who signup at strategicinvestor.net on or after March 1, 2020 and not for our existing members . So the option to "claim your $15" is only available in the personal area of newly signed up accounts during the promotion period and not of our members who have signed up with us before the promotion.

2. For the purpose of the promotion you need to earn at least $30 in Forex rebates from us, there are no restrictions regarding withdrawals. That is you need not maintain $30 in your account balance, you can request withdrawals freely as usual.

3. For the purpose of the promotion, Forex rebates that have been actually credited to your strategicinvestor account are considered. Rebates due to be received for trading done but not yet credited to your strategicinvestor account, are not considered. Please note that Cashback rebates for trading with most brokers are credited daily but some brokers, it is weekly or monthly. 

4. Only one account can participate in the promotion and claim $15, from one IP address

5. Finally strategicinvestor.net reserves the right :

     - To cancel the $15 reward in case it suspects misuse of the promotion or any kind of fraudulent activity

     - To disqualify the participants when it is found that multiple traders are participating in the promotion by creating multiple accounts at Strategicinvestor.net from the same IP.


6. In case of any issue or conflict the decision of Strategicinvestor.net would be final and cannot be sued or challenged in any way.. 

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