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Fbs league - A unique demo contest

5 individual traders share a prize pool of $1000. Additionally 5 top teams share a prize pool of $2100

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Demo contest

All year 2020. Once every month, duration of the contest is 2 weeks.

All clients

1. Open a Demo contest account, you are provided $10,000 in it

2. You can choose whether you want to hit the top 5 as a solo player or as part of a team. Or you can be both and get rewards for two matches. So trade and try to hit the top 5.

3. To participate in the contest as a member of a team you can gather your team of 3-5 people or join an existing one.


You can participate as a individual player or a member of a team or both. 

As an individual or solo trader try to achieve the highest balance and be in the top 5 places. The prizes are

1 - $450
2 - $250
3 - $150
4 - $100
5 - $50

Additionally if you are among the five most successful teams, you can earn extra funds and add them to the reward you got as a Solo player. The reward is divided proportionally among all the players in a team.

1 - $900 

2 - $600

3 - $300 

4 - $150 

5 - $150

Other terms

 For the contest the starting balance is $10 000 and leverage is1:100. Prizes can be withdrawn freely.

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