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Weltrade Spinner promotion

Get fixed bonuses on a trading account and additional spins. The fixed bonus can be any of the following bonuses: $5 USD $10 USD $20 USD $50 USD $100 USD $200 USD $500 USD $1,000 USD

Promotion Type

Promotion Period

Available to

How to participate

Deposit bonus

All year 2020

All clients

When you make a deposit of $30 or more, you get 1 wheel spin for each $30 deposited. When a type and amount of the prize is determined upon spinning the wheel, the prize is credited instantly. The fixed bonus is credited on a trading account, additional spins are credited on spins balance in the Spins field on the promotion webpage.

Withdrawal terms

The bonus cannot be withdrawn

Other terms

A fixed bonus is credited on a trading account and is not available for withdrawal but it is used as free margin and supports margin level during a drawdown.

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