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FBS Cashback

Trade and get up to 20% of spread

Promotion Type

Rewards and other promotions

Promotion Period

All year 2021

Available to

All clients

How to participate

3 simple steps to get Cashback

1. Install FBS trader

2. Activate Cashback

3. Trade your favorite instruments and get Cashback  up to 20% of spreads, right on the next day.. Youhe more you trade. You need to have at least 5 lots traded for the last 30 calendar days to get the first level of cashback. The more Cashback you get.

Offer details

1. The more you trade, the more Cashback you get.. There are four levels of Cashback as follows

Trading Volume              Rate of

(Standard lots)             Cashback

        0 to 5                                0%

        0 to 13                              5%

       14 to 33                             10%

       34 to 59                             15%

  60 and above                        20%

2. Both new and current FBS Trader clients can take part in this promotion, except those who are involved with Quick Start bonus at the moment.

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