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FBS Risk Free Investment

Try yourself as an investor without the risk of loss, while the profits are all yours.

Promotion Type

Rewards and other promotions

Promotion Period

All year 2021

Available to

Traders who haven't got their accounts on FBS copytrade yet.

How to participate

Just follow the simple steps below

1. Download FBS CopyTrade, signup and verify your account.

2. Click "Count Me In" and Start Your Risk-Free Journey.

3. Select three different traders from the list, Invest up to $100 into each trader and start copying in a risk-free mode.

4. Receive a profit after all three risk-free investments are completed. While FBS will compensate all that you may lose making risk-free investments.

Offer details

1.  You can make three risk-free investments in total. The maximum investment for each is $100. They all have a Stop Loss of 10% automatically, meaning you can't lose more than 10% of your investment.

2. Once you signed in and clicked the “Count Me In” button, you have two weeks to make three risk-free investments.

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