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XM Loyalty Program

Trade and earn XM Points that can be redeemed for credit bonus rewards.

Promotion Type

Rewards and other promotions

Promotion Period

All year 2021

Available to

All clients

How to participate

You just need to trade to earn XM Points that can be redeemed for credit bonus rewards

Offer details

1. There are 4 Loyalty statuses

All Real Account clients start at Executive level and are upgraded automatically after periods of trading activity. With each loyalty status upgrade, the amount of XMP (XM Points) you earn per lot traded increases proportionately. This allows you to earn XMP at a faster rate.


Executive: 7 XMP/LOT -WELCOME

Gold: 10 XMP/LOT -+30 DAYS

Diamond: 13 XMP/LOT- +60 DAYS

Elite:16 XMP/LOT- +100 DAYS

In the Members Area you can also monitor your balance of XMP at any time, including the equivalent value of your XMP as credit bonus, which is calculated as per the formulae


            Bonus = XMP ÷ 3

2. Any profits generated can be withdrawn at any point in time, however, any withdrawal of funds will result in the proportional removal of your trading bonus.

3. The company at it's reasonable discretion, offers the Loyalty scheme to any client(s) or countries as it deems appropriate and for as long as the company deems to provide it.

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