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In the last two decades Forex trading in the world has became very popular and today trillions of people across the globe trade Forex with a view to earn profits from this highly potential market. But not everyone is aware that he/she can get Forex cashback or rebates on each and every trade he/she makes, daily and regularly.  So our primary aim is to spread this awareness and to provide best Forex rebates services to people in India and across the globe. We are only partnering with top Forex brokers so that apart from getting the best trading conditions, you also earn cashback on each and every trade you execute. 


The concept


The concept is very simple, when you register directly to a broker, you receive nothing for your trading apart from the profits or losses you make out of it. But instead if you open your trading account with a Forex broker through us (through our links), you receive part of the spread or commission as Cashback or Forex rebates on each and every trade you open and close. We provide the best Forex rebate rates in the industry and share 75-80 % of the revenues we generate. Timely credit of the rebates, timely and fast withdrawals and great customer support are some of our strengths that will help us build relationship with our customers

How to Add account and start receiving Forex cashback or rebates

We have made it all very simple for you. Just follow the simple instructions given below and you will love our services. You can also visit our FAQ page for more clarity, where we have explained everything very well and have tried to answer several questions that usually comes to our customer's mind.


1. Signup : First and basic step is to become a member of Strategicinvestor.net. After becoming a member you will gain access to your personal area where you can add your trading accounts, make withdrawals and do much more.  

2. Open trading account(s) with a Forex broker(s) through our link and add it in your personal area: Just choose any Forex broker and click the icon below, you can also chose the broker from the dropdown under the Forex cashback in the main menu. You need to follow our link and open your trading account with the Forex broker. Having done this you can now add your trading account in your personal area and it will be approved within 24 hrs. After approval you will start receiving Cashback rebates for all your trading in that account, even on the losing ones. So open your trading accounts through us, add them and receive cashback rebates from us regularly every time you trade and as long as you trade in those accounts.


You can also add your existing trading accounts with most brokers (not all brokers), with us to receive Forex rebates, for doing so please refer to and follow the instructions given in the Forex broker's pages.

You can add as many trading accounts with as many Forex brokers as you like provided they have been opened through our links or brought under our IB by following the relevant instructions. Below you can find the list of Forex brokers we have partnered with, we are working with more brokers and those will be added soon.

3. Update your Preferred payment system details: Updating your payment system details ( the payment system where you like to withdraw the Forex cashback or rebates that you earn through us ) is a one time action that is required before you can access your transaction history, view Rebates balance and request withdrawals. After updating your payment system details you can request withdrawals in a jiffy, you need not enter your payment system details each and every time you make a withdrawal.

The following payment systems are currently available for withdrawals-

        Worldwide clients: Skrill, Webmoney and Perfectmoney.

                Indian Clients: In addition to the above payment systems, for our Indian clients we have the following additional payment systems - Bank withdrawals, Paytm and Freecharge.

Currently we have partnered with the following top Forex and binary brokers for which we provide Forex Cashback Rebates

As already said above , we are partnering with the best Forex brokers, so that you get Forex rebates and also trade under the best conditions and terms in the industry.  When you click on any Forex or Binary broker below, you can check our the trading terms the broker has to offer. We are working to partner with many more reputed and trusted Forex brokers and those will be added soon. 

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