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HotForex Rebates in detail


HotForex shares 60% of its revenues with its IB's i.e. 60% of Net Spreads based on your trading volume. This can be up to $15 per lot you trade, depending  on the instrument being traded.

HotForex pay rebates Weekly, so the cashback for your trading with HotForex will be credited on a daily basis to your StrategicInvestor account except on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. 

We currently do not receive any commissions for any trading accounts opened by Portuguese and French Residents and so do you.

There is no cashback paid on Zulu Accounts.

HotForex pays rebate for all kinds of trading, scalping, EA Trading or whatever.. so feel free to trade the way you like

AUTO-REBATE SYSTEM : Now you can opt for AUTO-REBATES for your Hotforex trading accounts opened through us i.e. our referral link. Under the Auto Rebate System, Casbhbacks for your trading will be directly credited to your Hotforex trading account and not to your StrategicInvestor account on a Weekly basis. The process is Automatic and so its hassle free, no need to request withdrawals and all the stuff. 

Hos to activate AUTO-REBATE SYSTEM After opening yur Hotforex trading account and adding it on our website and once it is approved by us, simply Contact us to activate the AUTO-REBATE System for that account. You can use the following simple format to get your account activated


                        Subject : Request for AUTO-REBATE SYSTEm activation

                        Comment : Member ID xxxx

                                              Broker HotForex

                                              Account Number xxxxx


Please note the following.

1. Only accounts which have been approved by us can be activated for AUTO-REBATE

2. The process is fully automatic and on a weekly basis.

Already have an account in HotForrex?


If you already have an account with HotForex and want to receive Cashback Rebates for trading on that account, you need to follow these simple instructions and then add your HotForex account with us. 

1. If your HotForex account isn’t linked to any other IB, you just need to send an email to and ask them to put your HotForex account in our group.


2. If your current HotForex account is under another IB, then you need to open a new trading account in you MyHotForex area and enter our IB code, transfer all funds to this newly opened trading account and carry on with your usual trading.

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