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Get cashbach for trading with FBS

Click the FBS image or the " Open real account" button below to open an account with FBS and start receiving cashback rebates, for each and every trade you execute in that account.  If you already have an account with FBS, please follow the instructions given at the bottom of the page to receive Cashback rebates from us. 

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FBS Rebates in detail

The rebates in FBS is calculated based on the instrument ​you trade and the type of your trading account. In the below table the rebates are given in USD per standard lot traded for specific account types. 

Forrex rebates for your trading with FBS will be credited on a daily basis to your StrategicInvestor account except on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. 

Your trades should be closed with at least 5 pip profit/loss to be compatible for rebates.

Already have an account in FBS?


If you already have an account with FBS and want to receive Cashback Rebates for trading on that account, you need to contact FBS. You just need to send an email request to support@fbs.com and ask them to put your FBS account in our group. Please remember to include the following information in your email:

            Your full name

            Your email
            Your account number
            Your phone password
            Our IB link https://fbs.com/?ppu=123602

After confirmation from FBS, you may need to open a new trading account in your FBS personal area, add it in your personal area with StrategicInvestor and start trading in this newly opened trading account and receive Cashback Rebates. 

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