About Cashback Rebates

The Concern

About 80% of traders, knowingly or unknowingly, open their trading account under some IB but receive no Cashback rebates for their trading. This is because they open their trading accounts by clicking advertisements or banners on various websites, some Forex analyst's recommendation or on suggestion of their friends who later don't give any cashback for their trading but instead chose to keep everything for themselves. So if you open your trading accounts through us, you receive part of the spread or commission as Forex rebates or Cashback on each and every trade you execute on a regular basis.

Q 1 : What is Forex Cashback or Forex Rebates?

A : The Forex cashback or Forex rebates is a payment made to a Forex trader for every trade he executes, even the losing ones.

Q 2 : How can I start receiving Forex rebates with you?

A : To receive Forex rebates from us you just need to do what you have been doing that is continue with your trading activity. The only difference is instead of trading in your previous trading accounts you need to trade in those trading accounts that you have opened trough us (through links on Strategicinvestor.net website) or the accounts which you have managed to bring under our IB by following the instructions given in the specific Forex brokers pages.

Q 3 : Do my spreads increase if I join a broker through your link?

A : Not at all, spreads and all the trading conditions remain the same. The only additional thing will be the cashback that you start getting for your trading when you open a trading account through our links or bring your existing trading account under our IB.

Q 4 : Who is an IB?

A : IB stands for Introducing broker. When you join any Forex broker through a referral link and trade, the referring person is known as the IB (Introducing broker).


Adding your trading accounts with us


Q 5 : Do I need to add a trading account with you for receiving Forex rebates?

A : Yes, after you open a trading account through us (through the links on our website), you need to add that trading account with us. Once it is approved by us, you will start receiving Forex rebates for all your trading in that account. 

Q 6 : How can I open a trading account through your link?

A : It is very simple, you just need to select a Forex broker from the list of brokers in the Forex Cashback page or from the dropdown that appears when you hover the mouse on "Forex Cashback" in the main menu of our website. Click on the " Open real account" button and you will be redirected to the Forex broker page whee you need to open your trading account.

Q 7 : How can I add a trading account?

A : It is very simple, you just need to go to "Add trading accounts" page in your personal area and submit a simple form. 

Q 8 : How much time you take to approve a trading account I added?

A : We usually approve it in much less than 24 hrs but in some cases we may take 3 days as we need to verify the details.

Q 9 : Which Forex brokers do you support for providing Forex rebates?

A : You can check the list of Forex brokers we are affiliated with, in the Forex Cashback page in the main menu. We are currently working to add more good Forex and binary brokers to our list.

Q 10 : Can I add my existing trading account(s) with you, that I have not opened through your links?

A : Yes, you can add your existing trading accounts with us, you just need to follow the instructions for doing so that are given in the specific Forex broker pages under the "Forex Cashback" in the main menu. However please note that you cannot add existing trading accounts of all Forex brokers because some brokers don't allow change of IB's and in that case you might need to open a new account with the broker through our link, using a new email address.

Q 11 : How many trading accounts can I add with you to receive Forex rebates?

A : You can add as many trading accounts with as many Forex brokers as you like provided they have been opened through our links or brought under our IB by following the relevant instructions. 

Crediting of Forex Cashback rebates to your account

Q 12 : When will I receive Forex rebates for my trading in the account I added with you?

A : The Forex Cashback rebates are credited to your Strategicinvestor account on a daily, weekly or monthly basis depending on the Forex broker in which you have the trading account.

Q 1 3: How much Forex rebates I can get for my trading?

A : The amount of Forex rebates you receive mainly depends on your trading volume, your Forex broker and the instrument you are trading. You can find the details on specific Forex brokers pages under the "Forex Rebates" in the main menu,

Updating your Preferred payment system details

Q 14 : Where and how can I update my Preferred payment system details?

A : We have made everything very simple for you in our website and we have also provided relevant instructions to guide you at every step.You can update your Preferred payment system details by visiting "Your payment details and rebates" page in your personal area. Our system will check whether you have updated your payment system details or not and if you haven't done it yet, our system will prompt you to do so as shown in the figure below.

    When you click the link, update your Preferred payment system details and they have been approved by us - the "Your payment details and rebatespage will appear as follows

Q 1 5: Why I need to update my payment system details?

A :  Updating your payment system details is a onetime action that is required before you can access your transaction history, view Rebates balance and request withdrawals. This helps you to make superfast withdrawals by filling simple forms, you need not enter your payment details each and every time you make a withdrawal.

Q 1 6: What is a Transaction password an?

A :  On updating your Payment system details you will receive a Transaction password as shown in figure above. A Transaction password is a 4 digit number which provides an additional level of security by ensuring that only you can access your transaction history, view your Rebates balance and request withdrawals. 

When you click on " View your account balance and request withdrawal", you need to enter the Transaction password in the new window to access your transaction history, view your rebate balance or request a withdrawal as shown in figure below.

    When you enter you Transaction password and click the ' Go ' button, you will get access to your Rebates page which looks something like this

Q 1 7: How much time you take to approve my payment system details?

A :  We usually do it in couple of hrs but sometimes it may take up to 24-48 hrs.

Q 1 8: Can I update the details of a Payment system that does not belong to me so that I can withdraw my Forex rebates to that account?

A : To prevent money laundering and to have hassle free and fast withdrawals we don't recommend doing so. We recommend you to kindly update the details of the payment system that actually belongs to you. 

Q 1 9: I have updated my payment system details, now what?

A :  After you have updated your payment system details and it has been approved by us, you will have access to your Rebates page (Refer figure above) where you can view your Rebates balance, transactions  and request withdrawals. Further we request you to either memorize your Transaction password or store it in a safe place, for security reasons your transaction password will not show for ever and will automatically disappear within a few days. 

Q 20: I have added a few trading accounts and also they are approved but I have not yet updated my payment system details, will I receive Forex rebates for trading in those accounts?

A : Yes, sure as soon as a trading account is approved by us you start receiving Forex rebates for all your trading in that account but to request a withdrawal you need to update your payment system details first.

Q 21: What payment systems do you support

A : The following payment systems are currently available which you can update and thereafter  withdraw your Forex rebates:

        -Worldwide clients: Skrill, Webmoney and Perfectmoney.

                Indian Clients: In addition to the above payment systems, for our Indian clients we have the following additional payment systems -Local bank withdrawals, Paytm and Freecharge.

Q 22: Where can I find the details of the Payment system I have updated and to which my withdrawals will be processed?

A : You can find the details of your Payment system in "Your payment details and rebates" page in your personal area.

Q 23 : Suppose for some reasons I want to receive my withdrawals to a different payment system from now on, how do I change my Payment system details?

A :If you want to change your payment system anytime and want to receive your Forex rebates to a different payment system, you need to send us an email to propensity100@ gmail.com using your registered email address and provide full details of your existing payment system and the one that you want to change to, in the following format

     Subject: Please change my payment system

         Topic: Existing payment system - Skrill

                                                                    Email: John10@gmail.com

                          New payment system - Perfectmoney

                                                                   PM Id: U3056849

Please note it may take 2-5 working days for us to change your payment system. 

Q 24: If I forget my Transaction password, how do I recover the same?

A : Please note that your transaction password cannot be changed. If you have forgotten your Transaction password, to recover the same you need to send us an email to propensity100@ gmail.com using your registered email address with subject " Request for recovery of lost Transaction password". Please mention your name and mobile number in the email.


Q 25: What is the minimum and maximum amount I can withdraw?

A : The minimum withdrawal is $3 and above that you can withdraw any amount in multiples of 1, but you cannot withdraw in decimals. For example you can request withdrawal for $3 or $1000 but you cannot withdraw $3.5 or $1000.6. This is just to ensure that we save time and our financial department can process the withdrawal requests smoothly and fast. Further the maximum amount you can withdraw is the amount you have in your Rebates balance.

Q 26 : How much time you take to process my withdrawals?

A : We do our best to process withdrawals as fast as possible and usually they are processed in 1-8 working hours. However sometimes it may take up to 48 working hours.

Q 27 : How many withdrawals I can request every month?

A : We allow unlimited withdrawals every month but you cannot request another withdrawal while one of your withdrawal is still in process.

Q 28 : Do I need to submit my ID and Address proofs to verify my account for requesting withdrawals?

A : Usually you are not required to submit any verification documents for requesting withdrawals up to $1000. But once you have requested withdrawals for $1000 in total, then we will ask you for ID and Address proof for verification, in order to process your withdrawal requests beyond $1000.

Q 29 : Are there any withdrawal charges or commissions or fees?

A : We don't levy any charges or fees or commission on your withdrawals except for withdrawals with skrills. So all your withdrawals with other payment systems are free but for Skrill withdrawals there is a fee of $0.6 or1% whichever is higher because Skrill charges such fees for money transfers between skrill accounts.


     1. You withdraw $10 with Webmoney, perfectmoney or any payment system other than skrill and you receive full $10.

     2.  You withdraw $10 with Skrill and you receive $9.4 since a fee of $0.6 will be deducted (higher of $0.6 or 1% of $10 which is $0.1)

Technical questions

Q 30: I see the following message while browsing the pages in my personal area?


A : Strategicinvestor.net is a SSL certified secure website and so for security reasons this message appears when you try to access any of your pages in the personal area after long periods of inactivity or try to access any of your pages in the personal area by copy pasting its URL in the Web browser's address bar. You can primarily check the security of a website by looking at the  “S” in HTTPS, in the address bar.  URL's that begin with “http” are not secure while URL's that begins with “https” are secured by  an SSL certificate, which protects sensitive information entered into that site as it travels from the site to a server. You can also click the lock sign that appears before the URL address of a website to check the details.

So to avoid coming across this message we recommend that you only use the links in our website to navigate to your pages in the personal area and do not try to navigate to a personal page by copy pasting it's URL in the Web browser's address bar.

Q 31: What do I do when I see this message?

A : Try to revisit our website by again typing the website address, strategicinvestor.net in the web browser's address bar and try to navigate to your personal pages by only clicking the links in our website. Note this page and message appears to prevent unauthorized access to pages in your personal area. If the message appears again try deleting the cookies in your web browser and logging in again to our website.

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