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Click the Fxopen image or the " Open real account" button below to open an account with Fxopen and start receiving cashback rebates, for each and every trade you execute in that account. If you already have an account with Fxopen, please follow the instructions given at the bottom of the page to receive Cashback rebates from us.

Fxopen cashback

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Fxopen Rebates in detail


The rebates in Fxopen is calculated based on the instrument ​you trade and the type of your trading account as follows

Forex rebates for your trading with Fxopen will be credited on a weekly basis to your StrategicInvestor account . 

Fxopen imposes certain limits on the Commissions its IBs can receive and hence we have to put corresponding limits you can receive for your trading at Fxopen which are as follows​

      Max trade cashback rebate is USD 80.00 : You can receive maximum cashback of $80 from one trad, no matter how high the                     volume of the trade is.

      Max day cashback rebate is USD 800.00 : $800 is the maximum Cashback you can receive per day.

      Max cashback rebate overall is USD 8000.00 : The maximum cashback you can receive for trading at Fxopen for lifetime is                          $8000. Beyond this you will not receive cashback rebates for your trading at Fxopen. 

STP PAMM accounts, both manager and investor will receive rebates proportionate to the amount invested per round turn lot traded.

For FxOpen Micro Accounts we do not currently receive any commission, therefore no rebates will be credited for trading in this account

No cashback is paid for trading only with bonus funds. 


Already have an account in Fxopen?

If you already have an account with Fxopen and want to receive Cashback Rebates for trading on that account its very easy. You just need to open a new trading account in you fxopen area by entering our agent code: 1514099, transfer all funds to this newly opened trading account and carry on with your usual trading. Dont forget to add this newly opened trading account here at strategicInvestor

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